The exhibition project "CLASSIC and MODERNITY" is a series of exhibitions in Russia and the UK. 

The "CLASSIC and MODERNITY" exhibition project is aimed at popularization of creative work by outstanding representatives of culture and art who have played a significant role in formation of the world historical and cultural legacy. The exhibits show the cultural processes taking place in Russia, Great Britain, France and other European countries during the period of XIX to XX centuries. The project exhibitory collection consists of painted and graphic portraits of composers, playwrights, directors, choreographers, writers, musicians, opera singers, ballet dancers and other cultural and artistic celebrities. The exhibition also shows pieces of art, costumes, posters, photographs, communication materials and other exhibits.

In 2019-2020, the exhibition project "CLASSIC and MODERNITY" is organized in the Framework of the year of theater in Russia and the Year of music Russia-UK.

The exhibitions will be held under the patronage of the international forum THEATRE - MUSIC – ART. Within the framework of the forum and exhibition project, various events will be held in the UK and Russia: exhibitions, concerts, round tables, fashion shows, album presentations and other events.



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