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EAF Club members take part in the VALOIS FEST International Festival of Performing and Visual Arts.

VALOIS FEST is dedicated to Ninette de Valois, an outstanding choreographer, ballet dancer and teacher. The Festival program includes a Dance Contest, an Exhibition and other events.


Please see the Greetings of the Club members to the participants, organizers and guests of VALOIS FEST.

EAF CLUB is a community of art owners: art collectors, founders and managers of museums, galleries, auction houses, cultural centers and other institutions. Among the Club members there are art owners with different preferences: Figurative art, Contemporary art, Ethnic art and other art styles. We organize exhibitions, presentations and other events.

EAF CLUB cooperates with museum specialists, art historians, exhibition curators, art dealers, representatives of auction houses and other art market experts. The Club helps its members navigate art, informs them about the appearance of rare art works on the market, and also helps sell, buy and exchange art works from corporate and private collections.

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EAF CLUB (London, UK)


EAF CLUB (Turkey, Istanbul)


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