Westminster is the historic center of London. The Westminster area of London includes some of the world's most impressive heritage sites, including magnificent Gothic and Victorian buildings. In addition to royal palaces and government buildings, here are the most famous museums, galleries, theaters, including such famous ones as the National Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, the British Museum and many other world-famous historical sites.
One of the area's main attractions is Westminster Abbey, from which the area takes its name; the Palace of Westminster, where both houses of the English Parliament meet. The famous Big Ben Tower and Clock are part of the Westminster Palace Ensemble. Buckingham Palace is the current residence of the British monarchs; Whitehall is synonymous with the Central government of Great Britain and the public service. The Admiralty, Horse Guards, and the Old Military Office are located nearby; the official residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain is located in a small side street at 10 Downing Street.

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