EAF Art Fund helps art collectors to find, identify and buy unique art objects on the art market.



The EAF Art Fund and partners support research in the field of art history. Knowledge of the biographies of artists, as well as the details of the creation of works of art by them, allow us to determine the historical and cultural value of art objects.

As part of the research, Art Fund experts, together with museum specialists, made a number of important discoveries. Experts confirmed that many works of art from private and corporate collections were made by famous artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. According to museum specialists, these works of art are of great historical and cultural value. An important discovery was a series of graphic works by famous artists, created in collaboration with the British engraving workshop Kingsley's Studio. The results of the research were reflected in expert documents.



EAF Art Fund and partners organize art projects and research in the field of contemporary art market. The Art Fund invites experts who study exhibitions and art projects with the participation of artists, analyze the results of transactions on the market (auctions and private sales). Based on these studies, experts determine the commercial demand (liquidity) of art objects on the market, as well as the prospects for growth of their commercial price on the market.  Competent expert advice and recommendations help art collectors to see investment opportunities when buying, selling or exchanging art objects. The Art Fund uses all available marketing and investment opportunities to increase the value of art objects in private and corporate collections. 


The activity of the Art Fund makes it possible to achieve significant results in increasing the value (profitability) of art objects on the market. Thanks to the activities of the Art Fund, the annual yield of art objects in the collections of EAF Club members is 15-20%. Each work of art can have its own profit margins, which often exceed 20%. Within 5 years, the cost of each art object increases by approximately 100%.

The EAF Art Fund has many partners (art collectors) who are interested in offers for the sale of art objects on the market. 

The EAF Art Fund can help Owners sell art at a better price. The activity of the EAF Art Fund makes it possible to achieve significant results in increasing the value (profitability) of art objects in the art market. The yield of some works of art can reach more than 300-500%.

After a 5-year period (after the purchase of an art object by the EAF Art Fund) each Art object Owner can contact the EAF Company (an official representative of the EAF Art Foundation) to obtain information on the commercial value in the art market in the current period. EAF Art Foundation experts also advise Art Object Owners on the possibility of receiving dividends, taking into account the increased cost of the Art Object.


The Art Fund represents the interests of the members of the EAF Club. The Art Fund is looking for any opportunity to buy, sell, exchange art objects, according to the preferences of the Club members.

Art collectors of the EAF Club are interested in buying works by famous artists of the 19th and 20th centuries:
• Original artwork (paintings, pastels, watercolors, etc.)
• Graphic works (limited edition of etchings, lithographs, serigraphy, giclee, etc.)
• Reproductions, posters, digital prints (limited edition)


The Art Fund recognizes the steady growth in value (profitability) of works of art by British and European artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, such as: Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Dega, Anders Zorn, Ray Kingsley, Alfred Munnings, Walter Ernest Webster, Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Marc Chagall, William Russel Flint, Nicholas Roerich, Leon Bakst, Alexander Benois, Natalia Goncharova, Zinaida Serebryakova, Leonid Pasternak, Rinat Kuramshin, Laura Knight, Rene Bull, Doris and Anna Zinkeisen, Robert Demarchi, Adolf de Meyer, Alexandra Esther and others.