Terms of participation



The cost of the FASHION SHOW IN CAMBRIDGE includes:

·         Participation in fashion show on the catwalk of up to 6 costumes; participation of every additional set (costume) will be charged separately;

· Up to six (6) items can be presented in one (1) nomination;

· Provision of models, makeup artists, stylists and assistances to showcase collections on the catwalk;

· Priority reserved seating at the events of the Festival up to 5 representatives (invited partners) of the Participant;

· Placement of the Participant's roll-up banner at the Festival (80х200 cm, provided by the Participant);

· Sending of messages about the brand to potential partners and customers in Great Britain;

· Carrying out promotion actions at the Festival (distribution of booklets, leaflets, etc.);

· Placing of information about participant on the official website of the Festival;

· Providing photos from ETHNO ART FEST events in Great Britain.

· The Diploma "ETHNO ART FEST” in Great Britain and other awards as a result of the Contest.



The Participants in Cambridge fashion show shall be provided with the following additional services as BONUS:

1.     Photo shoots at the show on the catwalk. Photo shoots will be arranged for Participants in Cambridge fashion show during the duration of the  ETHNO ART FEST. (See “Photo Shoots in Cambridge” for more detail).

2.     Publication of information in the official ETHNO ART FEST Catalogue.  (See “CATALOGUE” for more detail).

3.  ETHNO ART FEST Business Programme in London. The Participants of the photo shoots will be proposed to visit one of the Business Programme events  for free. On completion of the Business Programme, the Participants will be awarded “BUSINESS PROGRAMME EAF” Certificates (See “Business Programme” for detail).




   ETHNO ART FEST Fashion Shows are scheduled for June 2018, London.

More detailed information on the Contest terms will be provided later on.

​  Note: The venue of the Festival and the time frames can be adjusted according to the presence of the jury and the honoured guests at the Festival.  The cost of the participation in the show on the catwalk can be changed. The Participants will be additionally informed thereon.


It includes:

·         Participation in the Contest of up to 6 costumes. The Contest Committee evaluates the work and determines the winners in various nominations by photos and videos provided by the Participant in digital form.

·         The Diploma "ETHNO ART FEST” in Great Britain and other awards as a result of the Contest.

·         Placing of information about participant on the official website of the Festival;

·         Publication in the official ETHNO ART FEST Catalogue


The winners in each nomination of the Contest will take part in the ETHNO ART FEST Fashion Show and Photo shoot in London AT NO CHARGE.




·         Information about the Participant (activity, products and contact information) will be published in the ETHNO ART FEST ALBUM-CATALOGUE. Information about your brand will be published in the same Album together with famous international brands and designers. The Catalogue with the information on the participants of the Festival will be spread in Great Britain, countries of the EU, CIS states, regions of Russia and other countries.  

·          Participation in the Album-Catalogue will be documentary proof of your high professional level and an effective marketing tool as well. It can be used for further advertising and promotion of your brand, including sales of your products in the international market, including via the ETHNO ART FEST representative office in London.


·         The Album-Catalogue will be presented to a wide audience of visitors, attending the events of the Festival. Among the guests of the ETHNO ART FEST Festival are famous figures of culture and arts, politicians, experts in  art, fashion, owners of shopping centres, buyers, representatives of mass media and foreign guests.

·         The ETHNO ART FEST Album-Catalogue will prove your participation in a unique international culture project. Without exaggeration, we can say that your creative activity will de-facto become part of worldwide culture processes, which will be a prominent event in your biography.


   Information on the cost of participation in the Festival in the following formats:  “FASHION SHOW IN CAMBRIDGE”, “ FASHION SHOW IN LONDON», “PHOTO SHOOTS IN LONDON”, “ABSENTEE PARTICIPATION”, “BUSINESS PROGRAMME” and the cost of participation in the ALBUM-CATALOGUE will be provided upon request.



In order to take part in the Festival, please, fill in the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION FORM and choose the preferable participation format for you in the Festival in Great Britain.

Contacts of the Organising Committee: