Personal expositions


The main tasks of the «Kyrgyz Heritage»  Public Association of Women are the preservation and development of the rich cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people.
The direction of the organization's activities is: artistic crafts, design development and a small production of modern art pieces for the interior, accessories and clothes with elements of traditional ornaments and symbols.

Decorative and applied art of Kyrgyzstan is vibrant, original and talented in its simplicity and surprisingly diverse. The decorative and applied art of the Kyrgyz people, created over the centuries, is original, diverse and has the main distinctive feature - a combination of practical value and a rich decoration of objects. The main visual means are color and ornament. The crafts among the Kyrgyz people were developed as required by the household, nomadic lifestyle, spiritual and aesthetic demands.
The works of the «Kyrgyz Heritage» Public Association of Women presented at the exhibition, were created in the 1990’s using hand embroidery and kurak (patchwork).

The pillow case «Tunduk»

16х16 сm

«The triumph of life»

114х76 сm

Hanging pocket

«Let your spoon always be full»

45х31,5 сm

1 Wall hanging  Renovated Mountains and

The wall panel

«The mountains and Argali»

121х62 сm

«The nomadic suns»

57х21 сm

The wall panel

«The mountains and Argali by Marco Polo»

76х76 сm

Hanging pocket

«The tulip»

35х23 сm

The pillow case «The Petroglyphs»

16х16 сm

The pillow case «Tunduk»

41х38 сm

Hanging pocket «The tulip»

23х35 сm

The coverlet «Tunduk»

160 х200 сm

1  Cushion cover Galaxy 22 х 22.jpg

The pillow case «A galaxy»

22х22 сm