Ethno Art Fest LTD is representing a collection of prints and engravings by Rinat Kuramshin, a Russian-British artist, an Honourary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Rinat Kuramshin is the author of many portraits of great historical people, famous figures of culture and art, art patrons, social and governmental activists of different countries. The artist’s creative heritage consists of genres paintings, drawings and painting dedicated to ballet, classical dance and illustrations of literature. 
Rinat Kuramshin’s art pieces were exhibited in many countries and were highly appreciated by international experts, art critics, collectors, museum experts and connoisseurs of theatre, music and arts. The interest expressed by the public from different countries to Rinat Kuramshin’s works testifies to artistic value of his art work for Russian and global culture, and places his works among outstanding art pieces of the ХХ century. Rinat Kuramshin’s works can be found in Russian and foreign museums, corporate and private collections in Russia, Great Britain, France and other countries.

The following main art pieces by Rinat Kuramshin: 
Portraits of composers, choreographers, artists of opera and ballet:

P.Tchaikovsky,  E.Elgar, R.V. Williams,  I.Stravinsky, S.Diaghilev, F.Ashton, K. MacMillan, S.Rakhmaninov, S.Prokofiev, A.Pavlova,

V.Nijinsky, T. Karsavina, Ninette de Valois, Marie Ramberg, S. Lifar, M. Plisetskaya, G. Ulanova, R. Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, John Balanchine, Roland Petit, and others.

Portraits of playwrights, writers, poets:

A.Pushkin, W.Shakespeare, J.Byron, M.Lermontov, N.Gogol, A.Conan Doyle, I.Turgenev, C.Dickens, L.Tolstoy, O.Wilde, F.Dostoevsky, A.Chekhov, H.G. Wells,  L. Carroll, M. Bitter, R.Kipling, B.Shaw, A.Akhmatova, A.Blok, B.Pasternak and others.

Paintings dedicated to ballet and classical dance:

"Giselle Ballet. The Wilis", "Carmen", "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "Nutcracker", "Bayadere", "Vain Precaution", A series of paintings dedicated to the ballets "Russian Seasons" by Sergei Diaghilev: "Scheherazade", "Odalisque", "The Vision of Rose"; "The Rite of Spring", "Petrushka", "The Midday Sleep of the Faun"; 

Paintings dedicated to ballroom dancing, tango, salsa, rumba  and others danceng.

Genre painting: 

"Hay Time", "Laundresses", "Mug of Milk", "Boy and Herd", "Horses on the River. Evening", "Girl and Geese", "Rural Holiday", "Front Song", "Anna Akhmatova in Tsarskoye Selo", "Morning Road", "Bathing of Horses" and others. A series of graphic drawings dedicated to literature.

Equestrian drawings and other graphic works.