The ETHNO ART FEST festival is one of the most democratic fashion forums. The events of the ETHNO ART FEST Festival are held in the UK, Russia and other countries. Fashion shows at the Festival ETHNO ART FEST in the UK are held in Cambridge and London, and are dedicated to the national holidays that are celebrating every year in the UK, Russia, Europe, Central Asian countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Fashion show ETHNO ART FEST 2017 in Russian Academy of Arts 

On the 19 of September 2017, the Russian Academy of Arts hosted the ethnic style Fashion show of the festival “Ethno Art Fest”. Designers from many regions of Russia and CIS countries took part in the fashion show. The Special show dedicated to the 260th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts was attended by collections of outstanding Russian designers, academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts - Slava Zaitsev, Irina Krutikova and Valentin Yudashkin.


The Special show was opened by Valentin Yudashkin's collection "Russian Heat". Russian national motifs are a constant source of inspiration for the world-famous couturier. Slava Zaitsev presented the Collection "Origins" - a retrospective of models on the theme of Russian folk costume, created by the famous designer for three decades. Irina Krutikova, known throughout the world as an outstanding fashion designer of fur, "the queen of Russian fur" introduced the collection "Time forward".


The Festival encompassed famous designers and participants of the Contest ETHNO ART FEST 2017 - fashion designers from the CIS countries and Russian regions on the same runway.  Delegates of the forum, guests of the ETHNO ART FEST Festival - representatives of different regions of Russia, CIS countries, Great Britain, India, Turkey, Mongolia, Bulgaria, attended the Fashion show of the Festival. 


Festival ETHNO ART FEST 2017 in Moscow brought together people of different nationalities, religions and cultures and became a real holiday of the friendship of peoples.

The materials were prepared by the ETHNO ART FEST 2017 Organising Committee and Russian Academy of Arts