There will be contests among companies, organizations and individual participants for the best samples of products and services.

Participants can propose their products to take part in one or several nominations of the Contest. In such case the participant is able to lay claim to several awards in different nominations at a time. Nominations of the Contest: «Ethno-cultural Traditions», «Design and Ethnography», «Eco-style», «Ethnography and Modernity», «Ethno-cultural Diversity», «National Costume», «National Celebration», «Scenic National Costume», «Presentation of the Region», «Kid's Fashion», «Casual Style», «Evening and Bridal Fashion» and other nominations.


Nominations for touristic and excursion programmes: «Ethno-route», «Ethno-event», «Ethno-cuisine», «National Brand», «Ethno-excursion», «Eco-excursion» and other nominations.


There will be held Contests of ETHNO PROJECTS in the context of ETHNO ART FEST and UNESCO Conference. The works proposed for the Contest can be individual or collective and have to reflect on topics of saving ethnocultural diversity, popularization of historical and cultural heritage, national traditions, crafts and trades, UNESCO objects, and other ethnocultural topics.


A part of the Contest may be associations, professional unions, creative collectives and unions, touristic agencies and companies, excursion offices, national reserves, museums, cultural institutions, restaurants of national cuisine, hotels, companies of national trades and crafts, companies of designers, fashion houses and ateliers, publishing houses, educational institutions and other organizations, the products and services of which include ethno-cultural components.


The awards to the participants of the Contest are provided by ETHNO ART FEST, UNESCO, Great Britain, EU and other countries.