International Museum and Exhibition Project 


Russia - Great Britain - USA



PERSONAL EXPOSITIONS of the International Museum and Exhibition Project "CLASSICS AND MODERNITY" Russia-UK-USA 2020-2021 are organized for authors working in various creative directions:

Realism and Figurative (classical realism, academicism, symbolism, impressionism, other areas of the fine arts)

New directions (abstraction, conceptualism, expressionism, other modern trends in art)

Ethno art (folk crafts, other ethnocultural trends in art).

Personal exhibitions allow you to more closely and in detail get acquainted with the work of the author.

Personal exhibitions help the organizers and partners of the project to determine the most effective opportunities for the author to promote his work in Russia, Great Britain, the USA and EU countries. Also, personal exhibitions help organizers to develop an individual development program for each exhibitor.

Personal exhibitions provide an opportunity to evaluate the creative capabilities of participants, determine ways of presenting them to project partners and establish systematic work with art dealers, gallery owners, collectors and potential buyers.

№22-1 Диптих Путь скифов, смеш., техн.,
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Побережье, 70х90, холст, масло, 2019.jpg