• The “ETHNO ART FEST” Festival is focused on the development of international cultural-humanitarian and trade-economic cooperation. The festival provides an excellent platform for the presentation and promotion of brands of companies whose activity is connected with the production of products and services ethnically and culturally orientated.


  • The “ETHNO ART FEST” Festival is acknowledged by international experts as the project which fully meets the goals and objectives of UNESCO in order to preserve cultural diversity.


  • Festival participants will have the unique opportunity to present their products as part of the international cultural heritage. This is a chance to present your company in the international media, highlighting the huge ethnocultural events of “ETHNO ART FEST”.


  • The main advantages of the Festival “ETHNO ART FEST” are wide geographical coverage, ethnocultural orientation and the multinational membership, which provides the entire project with a positive resonance among the international community and in the media.


  • Ethno-cultural spectacle and immensity of the Festival, a larger number of participants and guests from different countries around the world provide an active promotion of Your company's brand in the international market.


  • The introduction of products at "ETHNO ART FEST" events is a great opportunity to tell the target audience about your company and establish new contacts with potential customers from other regions and countries.


  • Rich business programme of the “ETHNO ART FEST”, B2B meetings, VIP events, master classes, round tables with participation of experts, representatives of foreign companies will help in strengthening business relationships with colleagues from foreign countries.


  • Participation in the international Festival “ETHNO ART FEST” will be an important event in the history of Your company and will undoubtedly enhance its international status.


  • Establishing contacts with representatives of state and commercial organizations of the United Kingdom, European Union, China, countries of South-West, Central and East Asia and other countries can also be very useful for the development of your company.


  • The active audience, which consists of interested professionals attending Festival events. Among the guests of the Festival "ETHNO ART FEST" - famous figures of culture and art, journalists, celebrities, VIP guests, politicians, fashion experts, buyers, businessmen, owners of large shops, foreign guests.


  • The Catalogue publication and distribution with the information about the participants of the Festival in the United Kingdom, European Union and other countries, and posting the information about the participants on the Festival “ETHNO ART FEST” website.


  • The participants of the Festival will receive the certificates of ETHNO ART FEST, the best ones will receive the awards of ETHNO ART FEST, UNESCO, the UK, EU, other countries.





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